Winter Wonderland 2018

We’ve been to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland every year since little miss was born so it’s kind of a tradition to go now and each year we love it! This year we were invited to the family day where we got to see quite a few of the attractions they have to offer this year. I’ll be writing about the ones we visited in this post! Honestly they were all great!

We started the day off meeting the Teletubbies which was a great start today the day! My little ones loves them!

Now we saw the Teletubbies live earlier on this year at The New Wimbledon theatre! We’ve also seen them a few tomes at Butlins but this show was a little different as it was Christmas themed! My little one really enjoyed it! Perfect for kids under 5! Also don’t worry it’s indoors and very warm!!

The Snowman experience

This is a new attraction to Winter Wonderland this year and it was awesome! Earlier in the week we saw the live stage performance so it was great to see both!

So what exactly is it?

I would say it’s cinema being brought to life. It’s like you’re actually in the movie! You get to watch the classic movie while you walk through replica sets of the different scenes! My description doesn’t give it justice lol but if you’re a fan of the movie then it’s not to be missed! There’s even a special visit from the Snowman himself!

Zippos Circus

This is our second time seeing Zippos Circus this year and they have amazed us yet again. The whole show is a nail biting experience! My words do not do it justice so just check out some of the awesome videos below!

Elf day

We were lucky enough to visit Winter Wonderland on Elf on the shelf day! Little miss got to take photos with the Elf and also go on a scavenger hunt finding the little elf’s around the park. We didn’t get to finish it unfortunately but it was still a fun experience!

Meet Santa

You an meet Santa for FREE which is awesome! You can either take your own photos or get them professionally done! It’s a short but fun experience for the little ones!

Magical Ice Kingdom

The Magicsl Ice Kingdom is an ice and snow sculpture exhibit! Now silly me wasn’t that prepared for it so we didn’t spend too long in there as is absolutely FREEZING! It’s an amazing experience but if you’re going to do it then don’t be silly like me! You need gloves, hats, scarves and of course very WARM clothing!

As cold as it was, we did enjoy it! There’s even and ice slide inside they you can have a go on. My daughter love it!


There are so many different rides to choose from. I try to find rides that my daughter can go on by herself as I find some rides that require parent assistance have little to no leg room. It can be super uncomfortable!

This year for the first time we went on the huge wheel. All the pods has google home assistants installed and we were told that we could speak to it to change the music and ask questions. Unfortunately ours didn’t work but it seems like a cool feature to have!

There are plenty of rides for all ages here! No cash will be accepted at rides so you will have to go to one of the many token stalls and exchange your cash for tokens!


I always say to bring a packed lunch for your kids whether you go! Especially if you have a fussy eater! However because it’s so cold you’re probably going to want some warm food and there’s plenty of places to choose from. I’m going to be very honest and tell you that the food is quite pricey here and you don’t seem to get a lot either! If you have a way of transporting warm food I would recommend you do that!

Buggy friendly ?

Someone on my instagram asked me if Winter Wonderland is buggy friendly and well my answer is yes an no.

  • I don’t know the exact name for it but there’s flooring all over so you won’t be on grass which is great!
    Most of the attractions have a buggy park so you will have to take your little ones out
    I wouldn’t recommend going on a weekend. It’s very busy and hard to manoeuvre a buggy in crowds. If you can I would suggest a morning visit in the week where it should be quieter!

Winter wonderland is open daily from 10am – 10pm until 6th January 2019! There’s plenty of time to visit!

You can find more info here

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