The Snowman @ The Peacock Theatre

What a magical show! I’m sure you’ve all heard of the picture book of the same name by Raymond Briggs and of not the book then I’m sure you’ve seen the short animated television special! Well just like the book and the television special, this production has no words! I thought my little one may not enjoy it for this reason but she loved every second of it and so did I!

We meet a little boy (I don’t think we ever learn his name) who seems very energetic and loves the snow! He makes his very own Snowman that magically comes to life. I thought the Snowman costume was brilliant! I can imagine it’s quite difficult to make it look realistic but it worked. My daughter thought it was a real Snowman😀

We see the little boy and the Snowman get up to a little mischief while his parents sleep! I found myself constantly making comparisons between the book, television movie and the stage play and I was just excited to see how it would all look on stage and I was extremely impressed!

One of the most magical moments is when the boy and the Snowman begin to fly! I think I heard most of the children gasp in the audience. My daughter couldn’t believe it. It was lovely to see her in such awe!

There’s a short interval and when the show starts again we seethe little boy and the Snowman are now in a magical winter wonderland where we meet Snowmen from around the world, a ballerina and the fabulous Santa Claus!

We all know how the story ends, with the snowman melting. It’s a little sad, however, the performance really ends with the entire cast coming out together and dancing!

There’s also a special treat at the end which I’m sure the whole family will love!

It was a great performance and we hope it’s on again next year as we would love to go again!

You can find more info about the show and book tickets here.

Important info

The Snowman 2019 — Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Dates: 21 Nov 2019 – 5 Jan 2020

Address: Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, Holborn, WC2A 2HT

Age restrictions: none

Running time: 1 hr 40 mins (inlcuding one 20 min interval)

Ticket prices:

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