Cooking Tots Subscription Box

“Every Mini Chef deserves a treat every month…”

And that’s what you get with the Cooking Tots subscription box! My daughter and I love baking together as you’ve probably seen from our previous posts!

Before I get into how awesome the subscription box is, I’d like to share the benefits I’ve noticed when baking with my daughter!

1) It’s really helped her with her listening skills! It can be quite hard to get a toddler to pay attention but she really listens and focuses well when we bake together!

2) Baking is a good way to get your little ones into math! I usually get her to count the utensils we use or the ingredients. It’s actually quite easy to make math fun!

3) Hand-eye coordination – my little miss is a pro at pouring now! She’s got great control and we have very little spillage!

Okay so let’s talk baking!

So each month an activity box will arrive at your home!

Each Box will include:

Be personally addressed to your child

Be a based on a different theme and new recipe every month

Include all of the dry baking ingredients you need to create that month’s recipe (you will just need to add the wet ingredients)

A Craft or Activity based on that month’s theme

A recipe card so you can recreate the recipe again and again

They will be despatched on the first week of every month…

Now my daughter is able to identify her name, she was very happy with the box being personalised. She said to me “look mummy it’s mine” 😀

We couldn’t wait to get started! I loved how everything was clearly labelled and the instructions were very easy to follow! I must admit I’m not the best of bakers 😀 so easy instructions are a must and of course it helps the little ones too!

So what was inside our box?

Squirrels s’mores cookies – sounds delicious right?

What I did was read out the instructions to my daughter, helped her open the packets of ingredients and let her do everything by herself. It’s a great way to build confidence! Every 5 seconds she was like “look at me mummy I’m doing it” so sweet!

The process didn’t take long at all which is great! Baking is fun but you don’t want to spend the whole day doing it!

Little miss couldn’t wait to get them in the oven!

So what was super fab is that an activity booklet also came in the box along with a “make your own” activity. This is the perfect way to kill time when your goodies are baking away!

Little miss made her very own hedgehog! Again I just told her what to do and let her do everything by herself and it turned out great!

By the time the activity was over, the cookies were ready! Unfortunately we didn’t get that many pictures because we ate them all 🤣

They were scrumptious!

You can find more info about the Cooking Tots subscription box here. Also huge thank you to Poppies Bakehouse for gifting us with the box. The cookies were truly amazing !

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