Christmas fun at home

Hey guys 👋🏾

So this post will be about all the fun things you can do at home during the festive season! This will be updated throughout November and December so make sure you come back 😀⛄️😩

Presto Snow

Imagine having snow indoors? Well you don’t have to imagine anymore with Presto Snow Powder! All you do is add water and your snow magically appears!

You can spend hours playing with the stuff! We will actually be using the snow on our Christmas tree when we eventually put it up! It’s a great way to get you in the festive mood. Sensory play is always fun! It’s great as it’s not cold, it won’t melt and it will last for days!

We LOVE Presto Snow and expect to have more fun with it throughout the festive season ⛄️

It’s available at

  • Amazon

Mr Snowman

So I was doing my daily Pinterest browse and came across these super cool creative snowmen!

I thought it would be a fun Christmas activity to try! It was quite simple and we only used a few bits and pieces.

Different boxes x 4 (for the body)

Wrapping paper x 1 (for the body)

Pipe cleaners x 6 (nose, arms and mouth)

Pom Poms x 4 (snowman buttons)

Black pen x 1 (for the eyes)

Gift bag x 1 (for the hat)

Sellotape x 1 (to put everything together)

Here’s the finished product:

It’s actually a lot of fun to make and not too difficult. Little Miss now has a friend to play with at home 😀

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