Nature fun with Mud and Bloom!

What is it?

So we we’re gifted with this awesome Mud and Bloom box and we were very excited to see what it was all about! Mud and Bloom is a subscription box service that helps connect you and your little ones with nature!

The boxes are designed for little ones aged 3-8 and are posted to you on a monthly basis. Each box includes fun nature based activities, instructions and some of the materials you will need to create a super fun nature projects!

How much?

Prices vary. Full details are on the website

So I was pleasantly surprised to see how many different activities were inside the box. There were 4 in total and little miss couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

I’m going be honest, I’m not a fan of nature lol I’m absolutely terrified of insects 🤣 My daughter however LOVES the outdoors and I know the importance of it as being around nature can reduce stress and help your little ones with their attention span!

So the first activity we did was the leaf lantern! It’s not something I would ever think about doing so I thought it was a pretty cool creative activity!

We were provided with some materials and instructions to make the leaf lantern. The only thing we had to do was go outside and find the leaves ourself which was fun! If it was up to my daughter, we would’ve picked up every leave we found 😀

The whole process was pretty simple and the outcome was lovely!

The next activity we did was creating the nature peg dolls. My daughter really loved this activity. At the moment she’s really into dolls and dressing up so she found it quite funny and cool that we dressed up our dolls using leafs. Again the instructions and some materials were provided. All we needed to get was the nature materials from outside which we already had from our trip to the park the day before!

The Peg dolls have joined the collection of Barbie’s we have. She’s very happy with them 😀

The third activity was making Owls with pine cones. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any pinecones anywhere! Little Miss was a little disappointed but we can always do the activity when we do find a few. Do come back as I’ll post the creation here! 🙂

The last activity was the “grown your own Crocuses.” The clue is in the title 😀 unfortunately we don’t have a garden but it’s still possible to grow them in a pot which we do have. We can’t wait to see what they look like fully grown!

Mud and Bloom is awesome! The perfect way to stimulate your kids’ creativity and also it gets you out the house! It’s always nice to go out and enjoy the fresh air!

You can find out more info and order your own box here

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