Stay at home fun with Zimpli kids

We’re always looking for days out but also fun things to do at home because the weather can be dreadful this time of the year! We were sent some awesome goodies to try out from Zimpli kids and just couldn’t wait to try them out!

My daughter loves sensory play so these products are brilliant for her! We tried out the blue slime Baff first and it was a big hit! My daughter loves baths and now even more when she gets to play with slime😀

The instructions are super simple to follow

She didn’t want to get out the bath so it’s safe to say she enjoyed it! It’s safe to go down your drain too so you can have fun without that being a worry!

The SnowBall play was fantastic! Playing with snow without it being crazy cold is awesome. A dream come true 😀

All you do is add water to the powder and your snow instantly appears. As you can imagine we had hours of fun throwing the snow balls around and it was super easy to clean up after! Fun to play indoors as well as outdoors!

The Gelli Baff was a big hit too!

The special powder turns your bath water into goo! What child wouldn’t love bathing in goo?

The instructions again are super easy to follow and boom! Before you know it, your bath looks like a gooey swamp!

Your little ones could spend hours playing with this stuff! Lord knows it took forever to get my daughter out haha she loved it so much she didn’t want to leave.

No need to worry about the clean up as you’re provided with a mixture that dissolves the goo so it can go down your drain with ease!

My daughter is a big fan and so am I! It’s fun, a great way to stimulate creativity and EASY to clean up! That’s the main things I look for with products like these. We are very happy bunny’s 😀

For more info on these awesome products, do visit Zimpli Kids

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