Oohlala Mummy goes to Kidtropolis London 2018.

So I’ve finally got down to writing my review of Kidtropolis London 2018.

We have been attending this event like a tradition, 3 years in a row, and we do look forward to it every year. I book a hotel for after, so it doesn’t get tiring for Misha, and then we usually make a weekend of it, using our Merlin passes in Central London.

This is how our day went by. We made our way from our hotel to the entrance, which is attached to The Excel. It seemed quite far this year, as the halls the event was held at, were further away from our entrance.

Once inside, we queued up for a couple of  character meets, as these are a highlight for Misha at every event. Looking around I could see that most activities already had long queues. It was a bit shocking to me really, as from what I remember, last year we hardly queued. I’d also like to add, that there were more people than last year.

So, we met the Odd bods, then Masha and the bear, and then headed to The Grinch snow globe, where we got our picture taken inside the giant snow globe and were then sent the digital copies via email. We then walked around to see what other activities were going on.

We checked out the messy play, that didn’t keep Misha’s attention and we walked away. The play dough queue was horrendous, so we ended up at the sand art tables. This was okay but also more of a sales attempt rather than a fun activity. By the time we finished that, we had half an hour before the Twilight Sparkle meet and Misha really wanted do the roller skating. This was also one of last years highlight.

Next, off we ran to meet Twilight Sparkle, Misha was over the moon but disappointed that she didn’t get to spend more time snuggling up to the lovely pony. We then queued for Brenna D’amico from The Descendants, where we were first in line, and she was the most wonderful meet of the day.

Moving on, Misha played with the kinetic sand and then we made it just in time to do the last science activity for the day.

The queues for all inflatable play, the merry go round, bumper cars, and go karts remained the same  throughout the day. Just as we finished the science experiment, Misha noticed Virgil from the Thunderbirds meet with no queue. She doesn’t know the character but she sure wanted to find out and meet him. So a meet and pictures with Virgil, then The Box Trolls, and I felt we were done for the day, as anywhere we hadn’t been, had a huge queue.

I looked around and found the inflatable with the shortest queue, grabbed a chair and sat down while Misha went on as much as she liked till closing, which was about 20 minutes.

My verdict:

1. I would say we enjoyed it more last year.

2. Too many people, I’d rather it wasn’t so busy.

3. I preferred the show booking system that they had last year, this year we didn’t watch any.

4. Still a great day out for us, we will do it again and will be looking forward to next years event.

5. I got my money’s worth.

Thank you Oohlala Mummy for a fab review of Kidtropolis London 2018. Looks like you guys had an awesome time. You can follow Oohlala Mummy on instagram here

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