A Dash To Disneyland Paris

So I actually had no intentions of going to Disneyland Paris this year, but I was just having a quick look on Groupon and I came across a deal that was a day trip to Disneyland Paris for £189 (I I can remember correctly) and then I remembered I had a discount code so I used it and got the day trip down to £129.

When I read the small print it said that children aged two and under go free so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to go (Naya is 3 this month) and my daughter is super obsessed with all the Disney princesses so I decided to book it! I remember doing a coach trip years ago with my mum, sister and some other family members and I enjoyed it so much! This was also a special Disney trip as it gave us special access to the park for Halloween!

Now going to Disneyland is a pretty big deal like it’s one of the most magical places on this planet so I decided to do a big Disney reveal and with the help of some awesome brands that I found on Instagram it came out really good. Have a look at the photos below!

I have a few Disney bits and pieces that I had bought and put down as stocking fillers but decided to use for the reveal!

The skirt was part of a pack of 2 from ASDA – £4

The Balloon was from a seller from eBay – £1.99 and it popped 🙄

The passport holders were from eBay too but I bought them a while back so I can’t quite remember how much they were.

The Minnie ears, Mickey Bag, cat purse and Mrs Pot purse are all from Primark and all under £10! Primark have a brilliant Disney collection. If you want to save a bit of money while you’re at Disneyland, but a gift from Primark and tell your child it’s from there. They won’t know the difference lol

The two Disney books I bought are from Poundland.

The Personalised Tee is from Brando Bellas. My daughter loved it so much she didn’t want to take it off so she ended up wearing it underneath her Halloween costume. 😀 https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BrandoBellas

The super cute personalised Disney ticket is from TinksTravelCards. It’s lovely keepsake and it will be permanently placed in her memory book.

The gorgeous memory book was designed by CraftyChaz! Can’t wait to fill it with all the photos we took!

Epiphanydesigns designed the lovely reveal scratch card. My daughter can’t read yet 🤣 but she knows her name and the word “Disney” now so with my help she got the message! It’s a lovely way to reveal to your kids they you’re going to Disney. http://www.epiphanydesignsni.com/

Ok so let’s talk about the journey! As I mentioned above we booked to go through Groupon. Everything was included in the price and there are no hidden charges (sometimes groupon are known for their hidden charges so always make sure you read the small print!!)

The company we booked with are called Coach innovations and they were fab! They get a 10/10 from me. They made sure I had all the info I needed before travelling and we’re just super friendly and helpful!

This was the email I received a few days before our departure letting me know how the trip would go.

They were actually about 30 minutes late picking us up from our departure point (due to traffic) but it was great to be notified about the delay. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference to our day!

I honestly can’t remember all the timings as I was SUPER tried (we left the house around 4:30am) but we arrived at Dover safe and sound and popped onto the ferry which little miss LOVED. We’ve always been on planes so this was a nice experience for her. Might do a cruise next year 😀

Oh and and Thank God for the play area! The journey was only 1hr 30mins but it was great to have something occupy her while I charged her tablet 😀

We got off at Calais and proceed to head towards Disneyland. I must say I was panicking about the whole trip. How would my toddler cope being on the coach for so long? Would she throw a tantrum? How would the other people on the coach react? Anxiety alert 🚨

She was actually really good apart from a few moans and groans. I can honestly say that part of the reason was of course lots of snacks lol and these super cool headphones from Snuggly Rascals

She’s obsessed with unicorns so she was more than happy to wear it! I’ve bought her normal headphones in the past and she’s always taken them off. She didn’t want to take these ones off 😀 they’re a comfy, warm fleece material. It’s also good to know that the volume on this is limited so you don’t have to worry about your little one accidentally cranking it all the way and damaging their hearing!

So let’s talk Disneyland Paris…

We arrived and I got little miss into her Halloween costume. Boy was she excited! So was I to be honest 😀

You CANT do any Disneyland in a day and I was very aware of that before we arrived and that’s ok. More of a reason to return 😀

I looked at some of the queues for the rides and though to myself “umm HELL NO” I know I could’ve bought fast passes but it’s a waste of money in my opinion. Instead of waiting in hour long queues I decided to get us something to eat.

Just like most theme parks, the food was ridiculously over priced and was pretty rubbish but there were no other warm food alternatives so we had to make do! When in doubt, stick to chips. If a theme park has rubbish chips then it needs shutting down LOL!

We only managed to go on 4 rides and I’m definitely ok with that. The whole atmosphere and vibe you get is enough to make your day special! The “It’s a small world” ride was beautiful! We loved every second of it!

The pirates of the Caribbean ride was awesome too. The characters were super lifelike! We went on the Peter Pan boat ride which was pretty cool and also a train one.

Like I said above, the atmosphere at Disneyland is fantastic so 4 rides isn’t disappointing at all and quite good considering how busy it was.

We got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

We saw a fabulous parade with some of the coolest Disney Villains!

We danced to some amazing songs with the greatest DJ on the planet..Goofy 😀

Little miss got her face painted for free which was awesome as silly me forgot ours at home!

I can’t say I have much tips to share other than don’t plan the day lol. When I told people I was going all I heard was “make sure you plan your day” “make sure you plan what rides to go on” etc. When it comes to theme parks I like to go with the flow. There’s no point in planning in my opinion because things constantly change. Ride closures, weather changes, toddler moods lol. I say just go, walk, explore and have FUN

Here are some other blogging parents that shared some awesome tips with us. Hopefully you find them helpful too 😊

Pippa D – Take water bottles, you can refill them in the park and so much cheaper! – http://www.amothersramblings.com/?m=1

Rebecca – Plasters, paracetamol, concentrated diluting juice and a water bottle! Oh don’t forget the mickey ears and your autograph book either! – http://www.queenbeebecca.com/?m=1

Emma – Costumes so you don’t need to pay the extortionate prices to buy a new one!


Lou – Snacks! You can never have enough snacks particularly if you have to wait an hour for a ride or to meet a character 🙂 – http://www.wetravelinthrees.co.uk

Heather – Those little squash’d cordials to add to free iced water. I also recommend a water proof plastic mobile phone holder to hang round your neck – you will be constantly looking at the app to see your next ride time if you have fast passes. – https://www.mrsmactivity.co.uk

Catherine – A lanyard for Park tickets, snacks, drinks bottles, waterproof trousers for everyone (if it rains you’ll get wet bums sitting on rides), camera with spare batteries and cards, autograph books and owns and costumes. Do not plan to buy them there as they’re so so expensive. https://passportsandadventures.com

Rim – Before the visit, look at the different attractions and figure out the ones you don’t wanna miss and in particular the most crowded ones. Start by getting a Fast pass for one of the crowded attractions and head to another one in the meantime.


Jade – Don’t forget an extension lead and adaptor (because there are never enough plugs!)

And paracetamol and calpol. Lots of people not washing their hands means sickness does go around and meds aren’t available near the park, so best to be prepared JUST incase. – https://mummieswaiting.com

Disneyland Paris was fabulous and we cannot wait to return next year!

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