OMG! Diggerland (Kent) was a blast!

Well Hi Everyone!

As you can tell, I decided to not beat around the bush, and to let you know my thoughts about Diggereland from the outset! Diggerland is truly a hidden goldmind, now lets get into why…

So, I went along with my husband, 2 kids (2 year old & 11 month old) & my 5-year-old Goddaughter.

When we first entered the park, we (my husband and I) were a little underwhelmed, as we thought the park was a little small, we took one glance and thought that was it, but thankfully, we later realised that further down the park, there were a lot more rides, and funnily enough, they happened to be our favourites. The kids on the other hand, were immediately captivated! And as soon as we entered the park we got pulled into many directions but ended up at the Giant Digger ride!

How could we go to Diggerand and not start our day on a digger? And from there, it was non-stop, but a lot fun. The kids got to drive mini landrovers, tractors, go karts, and ride on the skyshuttle, joyrider and train, just to name a few. They seem to have the most fun when operating the real JCBs!

After all this fun, it was time for break. Diggerland have a decent sized café serving food like, hotdogs, rice and peas with chicken, and cold and hot sandwiches, there is a good variety but I was not impressed; I would recommend you bring a packed lunch, it was affordable with good portion sizes, but I didn’t enjoy my meal and neither did the rest of my family…there was a lack of flavour.

My 11-month didn’t get left out, there was a good sized indoor and outdoor area for him to play, which included a bouncy castle and other baby/toddler friendly toys and it was easy to maneuver with buggy throughout the park.

To say they enjoyed would it be an understatement! My God-daughter said she enjoyed it more than some of the big well know theme parks and I believe that is because this park gives the child a chance to be play and control some rides and drives on their own.

We definitely will be returning!


Medway Valley Leisure Park, Roman Way, Strood, Kent ME2 2NU


Adults to age 65 & children 90cm or over 19.95

Children under 90cm go free

Thank you Sandra for sharing your fun day out with us! You can follow the lovely Sandra on Instagram

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