Yummy Lunch at Turtle Bay!

We were invited to the Turtle bay restaurant in Ealing to try out the new yummy kids menu and we had an absolute blast!

So we were greeted by lovely staff straight away who showed us to our table and they had ready for us a colouring sheet, some crayons along with counters and dice to play snakes and ladders. It’s a God send when restaurants provide activities for kids while they wait for their food. Surprisingly not a lot of them do this nowadays.

We tried out a bunch of delicious mocktails. There was one that was a little too sweet (completely forgot the name oops) but other than that I have no complaints.

Now as a Caribbean, I’m always a bit skeptical about Caribbean restaurants! If it’s not like my mums or what my grandma use to make then I will be judging 😅 but I was pleasantly surprised with our food. It was great! I had some super tasty Curry Goat while my daughter had grilled chicken and chips. Perfect her as Caribbean food is known for being quite spicy. The portion size was great for her age and size too.

Have a look at the menu…

The kids were also treated to some funny entertainment Froggles a very funny clown! My daughter keeps talking abut him 😀

Of course we had to end our time here with desert and well…nothing beats a scoop of ice cream (or 2😀)

The restaurant was super kid-friendly which is what I’m always looking for, reasonably priced and of course the yummy food makes the experience even better! I love the whole vibe too! From the Caribbean music to the mood setting lighting! It’s just a great place to visit and we will definitely be back!

You can have a look at the full menu here and find your nearest restaurant!

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