Sylvanian Families Shop – London

So last week Friday, we took a little trip to the Sylvanian Families shop in North London. My daughter was super excited to visit and even brought along one of her friends for the journey there.

I think I heard “I like this one” every 5 seconds as she noticed a different Sylvanian Family member 😀

There’s so much in store for you to have a browse through. You can find Sylvanian Families in other shops like TK Maxx but you won’t find a huge collection like this which is what I love about the store. There’s also super friendly staff that have all the knowledge too! There’s over 400 items in stock here and over 50 different families so it’s easy to spend a few hours here. Each family is unique and there’s so much thought and detail put into making them!

My daughter was particularly interested in the baby Sylvanian family members so I treated her to a set of Kangaroos twins! How cute are they?

I also love how creativity is encouraged! While you can buy all the play sets and accessories in store, Rocky, the manager of the shop also explained how creating your own Sylvanian crafts is very much encouraged.

In store, you can even buy modelling material that you can use to create things like foods and furniture. We’ve actually been having a look on the website, the magazine and Pinterest for ideas. Over the half term we’re going to attempt to make a boat. Wish us luck 😀

We were also very lucky to be gifted with 2 more additions to our ever growing Sylvanian Familiy collection as well as a super cute gift bag which included a large poster of all the family members and their names! My daughter is turning 3 next month so I think we might take another trip down there and see what we can add to her little collection! 😊

For more info and to plan your visit click here

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