My Fairy Light Garden

So we’re always looking for fun things to do indoors especially bow as the weather starts to change. When it’s extremely cold, raining or when we’re both sick, we will not leave the house so it’s great to have fun indoor activities to do.

We were sent this awesome Fairy light garden to try out and it was a lot of fun putting it together.

The super cute set comes with a unicorn, a hedgehog and 2 little fairies which is perfect if your child is into magical things like mine! The instructions are included along with everything else apart from batteries for the fairy garden light up house and the soil to plant the grass seeds.

Unfortunately silly me forgot to buy the soil so I had to quickly improvise as little miss really wanted to try it out today!

The instructions are very easy to follow even for an almost 3 year old! She loved being able to make something with her own hands!

The whole process took around 20 minutes so that was great. She was very pleased with the finished product.

What she loved most is that when you blow through the windows of the little house the candle light inside lights up and makes a magical noise. When you blow again, it goes out.

Eventually I’ll get the soil and plant the grass seeds (included) but she really likes our pink fake grass at the moment 😀

This cute set can be found at Argos and online with Amazon. It’s the perfect indoor activity 😊

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