Our Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park 🐅

We were invited to visit Paradise Wildlife Park 🐅 and we had such an awesome day! The weather was great, we got to hear a Lion roar for the first time as well as seeing some other amazing animals and super cool lifelike Dinosaurs!

Where is it?

Paradise Wildlife Park, White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN10 7QA

It was about an hour drive from Central London for us. (Parking is free)

For those who take public transportation, the nearest station is Broxbourne. The park offers a pick up service which is £3 person Adult and £1 per child under 2s go free. They will also take you back to the station!

How much?

Like most places, it’s slightly cheaper to book online so I would always suggest doing that!


Gate Price – £21.00

Online Price – £19.95

CHILD (2-15 YRS)

Gate Price – £18.50

Online Price -£17.57


Gate Price – £17.50

Online Price -£16.63


Gate price – £16.50

Online Price – £15.68

Under 2s are free 🙂

You can book tickets here

What’s there to do?

So I accidentally ended up going on a day where there was also a private function so it was extremely busy for a weekday but we still had a lot of fun! There’s plenty to do here and so many beautiful animals to see!

We saw some very noisy but amazing birds!

This beautiful Cheetah was one of our favourites. I don’t think it liked us as after we took this picture, it turned around and faced the other way 🤣

This was our first time seeing Snow leopards and it was an amazing experience!

Little miss’ favourite animals are Zebras and Tigers so she was ecstatic to see a white Tiger for the first time! She actually called one of the Zebras “Marty” from the movie Madagascar 🤣

Amazon and Beyond was another great part of the park! It actually felt like we were in the Amazon Jungle with the heat and the way the whole attraction was set up! My little one wasn’t too fond of the Anaconda 😀but I was amazed by it. I knew they were big but not THAT big!

Another cool attraction was The Temple of Angkor which is a temple full of Reptiles. You can get up, close and personal with the likes of pythons, geckos, lizards and more!

We even got to have an ice cream with a Tiger sitting just meters away from us! Not something you can say you do often 🤣

World of Dinosaurs

If your child is a dinosaur lover then this is the place for you! You can walk around and meet all the lifelike dinosaurs that once existed. I mean it when I say lifelike as they do move (might be a little scary for super young children)

Food and Drink

There are a few places where you can get warm meals and drinks (a little pricy) but I always suggest bringing a packed lunch anyway.

There’s so many different animals you can see here and the dinosaur world is fab! The park also had indoor and outdoor play areas for children too! It was a good day out! I’m planning a trip back here next year when the weathers hot again! We can’t wait! 😊

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