Lapland Mailroom

93 days until Christmas 🎄😮

You may have already seen my Christmas 2018 post listing all the fun festive activities going on in and around London!

Well I’ve come across something great that I’d like I share with you all!

Lapland Mailroom

You can get personalised letters from Santa delivered straight to your door! My daughter is at the age where she understands what Christmas is and she certainly knows who Santa is lol so she will be delighted to receive a letter from him when the time finally comes!

So what’s included ?

Every letter from Santa Claus is individually addressed and comes with these festive extras:

• FREE ‘Nice Child’ Certificate

• Elf Yourself! Activity sheet

• Christmas Eve door hanger

• Cut out and keep Christmas decoration

• Colouring in Christmas card

• Colouring in ‘Santa Stop Here! poster’

There are different styles that you can pick and there’s even one for “baby’s first Christmas”

The whole process is quick and simple. You can even choose who you want your letter to be from – Mr or Mrs Claus

Just fill in the blanks. This will help make the letter super personal and put a smile on your child’s face! I want my little one believing in Santa for as long as possible so this is the perfect way to keep the innocence and magic in her life!

Once you’ve filled in a the details, you’re able to see a preview of the letter that will be sent out to you.

How much ?

Just £9.95 with the activity pack and £8.95 without. You can also pay and extra 75p for express delivery!

You can buy your special letter here

Letters won’t be sent out until December so check back here to see our special letter and our thoughts on it 🎄 🤶

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