How to Hide A Lion

On Saturday we visited the lovely New Wimbledon Theatre to watch yet another amazing kids show!

Pigtails Productions, Polka Theatre and Oxford Playhouse present “How to Hide a Lion” based on the book by Helen Stephens. This book is in ever our growing book collection and it’s definitely one of our favourites so we were delighted to be invited to see it on stage!

We arrived at the theatre and saw the staged set up to be a hat shop. Just before the performance started, the cast members came into the audience in character being very friendly with the children and measured their heads for hats. They all seemed to enjoy that!

The show starts off with them telling us about the back stories to a few hats in their shop and then the finally get to the hat that tells us the story of the Lion.

We see the unlikely friendship of a little girl called Iris and a Lion which everyone else seems to be scared of. All the characters are puppets and moved around so graciously they almost seemed real! We’re big fans of puppetry and I’m always amazed at how well the puppeteers control them!

There’s even different sized puppets of the same puppets that are used for different parts of the show which I thought was pretty cool!

We loved the cast members coming into the audience and interacting with the children. At one point my little one was chosen to help hide the Lion which she was very proud of😀 There’s lots of singing and catchy songs (you’ll probably be like me and sing them on the drive home 😀)

I don’t like to give too much away as I think it’s always best to experience these things for yourself but if your child is a big fan of puppets and Lions then this is definitely the show for you!

Once the show was over, the children were encouraged to meet the lovely puppets! My daughter was amazed and really enjoyed stroking the Lion 😀

If you haven’t already read the lovely book then you can check it out at your local library or buy it here and if you’re interested in seeing the production you can see the U.K. tour dates here

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