My Travel Essentials

A blog post that’s a little different to the others but I’ve had a few mums ask me on Instagram what to pack when you’re off on a staycation or a holiday abroad so here we go…

One way to calm down a child having a tantrum is food lol. I always make sure I have enough when travelling. Here are our favourites!


This is definitely one of my daughters favourites! It’s a natural and great for when you’re on the go which is what I’m forever looking for with snacks as we’re always out! They are available to buy from Sainsbury’s and online also. If you’d like to try you can use my special discount code: “Nat30p” to get 30% off a box of 12 😊

Urban fruit

I’ve only just come across these recently and I’m in love! It can be super messy bringing fresh fruit out when we’re off on our adventures so I was super happy to find these baked fruits. My daughter really likes the strawberries! I’ve seen them in both Sainsbury’s and Asda!

Innocent Smoothies

Little miss loves the taste and they’re healthy! What more can you ask for?

My carry potty

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve definitely seen me praise this great invention. Being able to carry a potty around and whip it out when needed is great. It makes potty training less stressful. You can buy quite cheaply from Argos and eBay!

Aldi items

Aldi wipes are the best I’ve used. Never leave the house without them. When you become a mum wipes are essentials lol kids are so messy!

Again Aldi pull ups are the best I’ve used. Little miss is potty trained but but we still use the pull ups for night timed. Very absorbent! I’m sure most mums would agree. It amazes me that people still buy pampers. They’re honestly the worst!!


Or any other tablet. Great for long journeys. You can download educational apps such as tiny tap and reading eggs or movies from Moviebox/showbox. If you have data then YouTube is always great!

First aid kit

I bought our first aid kit from Halfords for just £2.50. Kids are clumsy! It’s best to always have one on you!


Kids get sick unfortunately and there’s nothing worse than when it happen on holiday. I always make sure I bring cough medicine and paracetamol with me! You can get it free at some chemists when you actually need them (don’t expect Calpol lol they give you the cheaper brand that works exactly the same) I buy mine from Poundland. Works perfectly fine and helps the NHS I guess lol

Alpro Growing up Drink

I try to avoid dairy at all costs. It definitely makes my daughters eczema worse so I was happy when I found out about Alpro growing up milk. It’s a soya based milk for kids aged 1-3. I buy the little cartons as they’re super convenient to take away and they’re long life too! Top tip…if you’re going to put these in your suitcase, wrap them up in bubble wrap. We all know airlines don’t care about our luggage lol.

Cleaning products!

I always double clean lol if you’ve seen my blog post about our trip to Butlins Skegness then you’ll know why! You can never be too careful or too clean! I make sure I wipe the whole of my hotel bathroom/kitchen…there’s not much I can do about beds but pray lol. The anti-bacterial wipes in the photo are from Wilko and they’re super cheap, smell amazing and well…it does the job!

Tea tree/Peppermint oil

I’ve read online that most insects do not like these essentials oils so I dowse my room in it 🤣 I’m terrified of insects and so is the little one! I bought the tea tree oil in Poundworld before it sadly closed down and the Peppermint oil in Holland and Barrett.

Mosquito repellent

Last year when we went to Portugal I was bitten non stop but luckily my daughter was fine! I actually didn’t bring any repellent with me so I made sure I bought some ‘this year for our holiday to Salou. I got the wipes and band from Poundland. Let’s hope they work 😀


You always need this when you’re going somewhere hot! I don’t have a specific brand I use as I’ll buy any as long as the SPF is high! It’s a good idea to buy some now to put down for next year as many shops have put them on sale!

Peppa Pig Car Organiser

I bought this from my local Halfords for £7 (half price) I can no longer see it online but I’ve still seen it in my local along with a Thomas one. It’s great as it has space for little miss’ toys and her kindle for long car journeys!

Child’s farm

With the weather getting cold, it means little miss’ eczema will get worse so I’ll be really relying on the moisturisers to keep her skin hydrated! I’m glad I finally found a product that works after endless trips to the doctors for a new cream. I’m sure some of you guys can relate. We’re big fans of Childs Farm 😊🙌🏽

Snuggly Rascals

One of the best inventions I’ve come across! Soft headphones! She’s obsessed with unicorns so she was more than happy to wear it! I’ve bought her normal headphones in the past and she’s always taken them off. She didn’t want to take these ones off as they’re a comfy, warm fleece material. It’s also good to know that the volume on this is limited so you don’t have to worry about your little one accidentally cranking it all the way and damaging their hearing! You can buy these on Amazon and Argos!

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