Sounds and Sorcery: Celebrating Disney Fantasia

I remember watching Fantasia years ago as a child on VHS (oh have times changed!) The Disney movie was released in 1940…way before myself or my daughter was born but it’s still a great musical experience. I jumped at the chance to experience an immersive version of it live.

The experience took place at The Vaults (an underground theatre in Waterloo) which isn’t very appealing from the outside but we were pleasantly surprised when we had a look inside.

Inside we were given a mini map, an iPod and headphones and we were free to roam the six different installations.

The first room we approached required us to lay down which was fab lol. We listened to the lovely orchestra as we watched projections of different musical instruments and images on the ceiling. It was so relaxing, I felt as if I was going to sleep lol.

We then experienced a very wet physical theatre piece with the sorcerer which was very funny. Note that you may want to stand at the back if you’re not a fan of getting wet!

I found the whole experience to be quite magical! It was a mixture of the music, the lights and feeling like we were somewhere other than London. Take a look at some of the cool images below!

There was even an area where you could do some dressing up which of course my daughter loved!

I thought it was pretty cool how the music changed on the iPod without us doing anything other than moving from one installation to the next. I didn’t manage to capture a picture but there was an area where the ceiling was covered with actual music instruments and it was beautiful!

It was a great experience and my little one really enjoyed herself. You have until the 30th of this month to go and check it out!

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