My Day Out at Drusillas Park in Sussex

So our bank holiday was spent at Drusillas Park and what a fab day out it was!

From London it took around 1hr and 50mins to get there and it’s good to know there’s free parking when you get there. We arrived and there was a queue that quickly moved. We were greeted by friendly staff that gave us a map of the park which is always helpful on a day out like this!

What I love about Drusillas is that there were clear signs showing you the Zoo route. You are able to navigate around the park without missing anything.

The Rhinoceros Iguana was one on the first animals we saw when entering the park. It was huge! I love how there’s information about the animals right in front of you! I can honestly say I learnt a lot on our day out!

We then went over to their little farm where little mIss was able to pet some of their farm animals. She was also able to milk a pretend cow which we both found hilarious!

The whole experience was very educational! I honestly had no idea there were so many different types of monkeys! My daughter absolutely adored them! The day ended with her crying because she wanted to take one home 🤣

There are some challenges by the animals to see if we can act like them for example, by the Flamingos you have to see how long you can stand on one leg for. Of course we both couldn’t bear the Flamingos 😀I honestly don’t know how they do it 🤣

The Zoo is FULL of different animals! It’s honestly so interesting to see things you wouldn’t normally see.

The water park looked like a lot of fun but unfortunately it wasn’t a super sunny day so we gave it a miss this time but all the reason to return in the future!

There are still lots to do when you’ve finished at the Zoo. You can eat at the restaurant there (I must the prices were quite reasonable) there’s also a few paid activities you can do like Rock climbing. I also liked the fact they had 2 different play areas for kids. One for under 6s and one for over 7s. I feel more comfortable when my daughter plays with children around her age as older children can be a little rough!

And of course there’s the real fun part…Hello Kitty’s Secret garden and Go Safari.

My daughter loved both of these mini theme parks and they were perfect for her age!

Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden is the UKs only Hello Kitty attraction and it’s definitely a fun one. There are only 3 rides but they are enjoyable. There’s the Hello Kitty Hopper Ride, Hello Kitty Tea Cup Ride and the Hello Kitty Tea Car ride. Little mIss is a big fan of tea cups so we had to go on that one a few times!

Go Safari has 3 rides too. The Hippopotobus which gives you the funniest feeling in your tummy 😀, The Flying Cheetahs which was awesome as we got to have a good view of the park from the sky and The Safari Express which we unfortunately missed out on as the queue was way too long and I know my little one wouldn’t have had the patience to wait.

There is plenty of information around the park that gives you details about 2018 events and appearances. Unfortunately for us, we went on a day with no special meet and greets but you can check out below what’s coming up next.

You can also have a look here

If you would like further info or to buy tickets then do visit

I know a few teachers follow my blog too so it’s worth checking out this amazing park for future school trips

It was a lovely day out and we hope to return again! I hope you have as much fun as we did ☺️

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