Dinosaur World LIVE!

We were invited to a performance of Dinosaur World Live at the open air theatre in Regent’s Park. This was our first time at the that theatre and we loved being outdoors! Not to mention the show was brilliant!

My daughter is a huge fan of dinosaurs thanks to watching endless episodes of Peppa Pig 😀

I kept the whole thing a surprise until we got there and she screamed with joy when we were giving the programme.

The show started and we were greeted by a very energetic explorer called Miranda. She then introduced us to the different dinosaurs one by one giving us all the facts about them.

We were completely amazed by how realistic the puppets were. From the way they looked, to the way the moved. Even the way they sounded! It was brilliant and very realistic.

Some children were also invited onto the stage to meet the dinosaurs. One child got to feed a dinosaur and another got to walk one of the dinosaurs around the stage.

We then met the star of the show. The huge T-Rex! The whole audience was in awe! I must say hats off to the puppeteers as they did such a great job at controlling it that you didn’t really notice they were there. It really did feel like we were in the Jurassic period.

After the show was over, well all got to meet some of the dinosaurs which was definitely my daughters favourite part.

I would definitely give this show 10/10. It was amazing, funny and very informative! We will be going again as the little one loved it so much!

For more info and to buy tickets visit Dinosaurworldlive.com

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Mum of 1 trying to make both our lives as fun as possible :)

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