Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain – Part 4

We were invited to a performance of Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain – Part 4 and I must say it was a fantastic production! Full of laughs and silliness!

The recommended age for this show is 5+ but my daughter adores the theatre so I brought her along anyway. The show lasted for 70 minutes and it was a fab 70 minutes!

I remember reading the Horrible Histories books as a kid and I loved reading them so it was nice to see it on the stage. We get to meet some of the most famous people from Britain’s past in the most hilarious way.

This show is a great way to get kids interested in history and I can honestly say I learnt a few new things myself. Although we are looking at historical figures, there were many modern twists added which filled the room with laughter. At one point we saw the crazy new dance craze “the floss” and the audience went wild.

I was very impressed with the cast. It was just 2 men however they were brilliant in portraying the different characters and filled the stage with their presence!

Horrible histories is known as “history with all the nasty bits left in” and that’s definitely what you get with his show. At one point we saw how people use to use to go to the toilet before toilets were invented. It just made me very glad to be born when I was 🤣

There’s plenty of singing, audience interaction and nasty bits!

We would definitely recommend the show!

You can buy tickets here


Throughout August, kids can go free to theatre with a paying adult. This show will be apart of this amazing promotion!


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