The Everywhere Bear

We were invited to the performance of The Everywhere Bear at the Polka Theatre I’m wimbledon and were super excited to go. We love the Polka Theatre as it’s a theatre for kids so it’s super child friendly.

So yes we went to watch The Everywhere Bear which is a stage production of the book of the name by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb.

Julia Donaldson is one of my favourite children’s authors. Last year we actually whent to see another books of hers transformed into a stage production – stickman

So what’s it about?

Matt is the new kid in school and with no friends, he’s delighted to be chosen to take the Everywhere Bear home for the weekend. Unfortunately Matt ends up losing the bear and we follow the bears very big adventure that eventually reunites the bear with his class.

The Everywhere Bear literally ends up everywhere. From being washed to sea to being rescued by fisherman to being loaded onto a tip truck to being rescued by a librarian. The Everywhere Bear’s big adventure is a funny one that is sure to have your little ones laughing and amazed.

I mentioned this briefly on my Instagram post… I absolutely loved the set. Each part was built with a purpose. The set was small but transformed into many different scenes of the story. From a classroom to a fishing boat. It was great to watch!

The singing was lovely and I have found myself singing “The Everywhere Bear” song for the past couple of days😀

I really do admire the two person cast as they put on a 45 minute production playing multiple characters as well as being puppet masters. They were able to keep a large group of little ones very engaged.

At the end of the show they introduced The Everywhere Bear and Matt the puppet to the children of the audience which they all seemed to enjoy.

The Everywhere Bear is a lovely show and is sure to put a smile on your face. Check out all the details you need to purchase tickets below. ☺️

Ticket Prices

Tickets £12.50 | Concessions* £9 | Previews £9

£1.50 transaction charge per booking

Tickets can be purchased here


6th July – 26th August 2018

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