Peppa Pig World

So let’s talk Peppa Pig World…

Peppa Pig World is part of Paultons Park Theme Park (which isn’t very good if I’m honest but I’ll get back to that)

The coach there was a 2 hour journey (London to Southampton) and it seemed to go quick. I only paid £5 with national express.

To get from the coach or train station, you need to get a bus or the Taxi.

Be careful of taxis as the first guy I asked told me £50. I asked him if he thought I was born yesterday… I found another taxi that told me it was £17 both ways so I went with them. I used this company which was suggested in the Paultons Park website.

I didn’t tell my daughter where we were going so the look on her face when she saw Peppa Pig World was priceless.

There are quite a few rides for the kids to go on and a few that baby’s can go on too. I think all the rides require adult supervision so get ready to be squashed for the sake of your child’s happiness 😂

There are also cute little penguins and we are able to watch their feeding times which seems to happen twice a day.

Two new rides were added to the park this year which I’m happy about as the park is quite small but then again it’s aimed at toddlers so I guess they don’t need hundreds of rides.

There’s also an indoor soft play area at Peppa Pig World but we didn’t bother having a little play as it was a nice day and we go to soft play all the time. I feel like once you go to one, you’ve gone to them all lol. I definitely think it needs more seating as I can imagine it being very packed when the weather isn’t so good.

You can also have peak inside Peppa’s home

There are plenty of characters around the Park you can take photos with and make lovely memories 🙂

The journey home was a nightmare due to signal problems and someone being arrested on the train but you can never predict these things. I only paid £5 so I can’t complain really 😀

Parking is free if you drive. I drive too but I can’t take tantrums on motorways lol and if you’re like me then the train or coach is great and very cheap!

Would we go back again?

Hmm I’m not quite sure. While Peppa Pig World is lovely, I don’t know if my daughter will still be into the show next year and the rest of the park isn’t that great when you compare it to other theme parks like chessington and Legoland.

The rest of the park seems to be just full of rides aimed at older children and those rides do not seem very interesting. I think they’re a little dated.

There’s also outdoor fountains that the children can have a little splash around in which was a God send in this weather but again, I still feel that part of the park was very boring.

Ticket Prices

You can buy tickets here


  • Freeze your water especially if it’s a super hot day. It should last you the day and water is always expensive at theme parks. They really should have fountains.
  • Carry a packed lunch. I say this all the time. The food there was rubbish and overpriced. Even the drinks tasted off but that could be to the whole sugar tax thing. I always bring a packed lunch for my daughter as I know she’s picky but I’ll bring one for myself from now on.
  • There’s an Asda buy the coach station so if you don’t want to carry a packed lunch you can always buy one.
  • There’s plenty of baby changing facilities and buggy parks
  • If you can, then I would always suggest going during term time. Queues aren’t crazy and you can go in the rides over and over without getting off.
  • Don’t go in the gift shop unless you’re actually going to buy something. It’s FULL of Peppa Pig merchandise and the last thing you want is your kids having a meltdown 😂

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