In The Night Garden LIVE!

This is probably going be one of my shortest blog posts simply because I have no idea what In the Night Garden is about 😂. I let my daughter watch it as it seems to put her in the mood for bed and she really does enjoy it!

Also during the last 20 minutes, my beautiful little princess decided to have a meltdown and turn into a little monster so I didn’t really concentrate on the end 😂

The performance was pretty much like the show if I’m honest.

Need to know.

  • Buggy park and baby changing facilities available
  • If you’re going to buy a goody bag, buy it online beforehand. £10 cheaper than buying it on the day (£29 online £39 on the day)
  • There’s an opportunity to meet the characters but I don’t think it’s worth it for the little time you get with them.
  • There’s snacks available but as I’m sure you already know, they’re expensive, eat beforehand or bring some snacks along with you.
  • There are 2 different shows

In the Ninky Nonk show, Igglepiggle loses his blanket and all his friends help him find it.

In the Pinky Ponk show, Makka Pakka washes everyone’s faces, until his sponge gets stuck in Upsy Daisy’s megaphone!

Check out some of the pics below. My little one enjoyed it so I’ll be taking her again ☺️

Goody bag contents:

Tour Dates:

For more info visit their website

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