Alton Towers

We took another little adventure to Alton Towers and of course we had to visit the famous Cebeebies Land. I can honestly say I have never seen my daughter so happy😂

She honestly looked like she was she was in heaven. There are so many rides and activities to choose from. It was a lovely day out. Alton towers is HUGEEE (I had no idea) so we didn’t get to do everything in one day but luckily we were offered free tickets to go again later on in the year because of the weather (it was a little windy)

I enjoyed myself too! I didn’t even take that many photos which is always a sign of a good day out!

So we spent the majority of the day in Cebeebies Land. Alton Towers is a long way from London and I can’t see myself returning for at least a few months so I thought I would make sure my little girl spends as much time as she can doing what she wants!

Take a look at some of the pictures below.

I could tel my daughters favourite part was the In the Night Garden boat ride. She loves the show! We’re actually seeing it on stage next week so look out for that post.

There are buggy parks and toilets literally everywhere which is good to know!

I would definitely recommend bringing a packed lunch. The food was expensive and not the greatest.

I have a little complaint. Every ride my little one wanted to go on, she had to be measured for her height. It was really time consuming! We went on our final ride where she was measured for the last time and the lady then offered us a wristband to prove she was over 0.9m. This was literally my face 😕 surely that should’ve been given to us straight away. Could saved us a lot of time. Do you know how difficult it is to get a toddler to stand still to be measured lol? Anyway if you take a trip there, then do be sure to ask for the wristband!

So this day out was super cheap as we got our tickets through the Sun Superdays. Check out this blog post if you have no idea what that is.

We will hopefully be back in August to make use of our free tickets to return. Hopefully I will be able to update this post with more pictures and info 😊😁

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