I actually came across Play Bakes on one of the many Mummy Facebook groups I’m in 😀

We were given all the ingredient to make these delicious date gooey chocolate brownies. My daughter is a big fan of dates, chocolate too lol so I thought this would be perfect for. She’s been to quite a few cooking classes and has done some baking with me at home before. It’s lovely and messy bonding experience and I would encourage you all to get onboard 😀

So here is our kit that arrived in the post. Packaging was nice and slim and was able to fit through the letter box. No running to your local sorting office 😀

It also came with a cute personalised message, the ingredients and instructions.

I honestly had little do with the baking. My little girl is so independent and she wanted to do it all by herself. If your child is the same then let them. It will get messy 😀 you’ll be dying a little inside because of the clean after but it is fun! Of course make sure you handle anything that involves you using the oven or stove!

All the steps were clear and easy to follow. The ingredients were all labelled so you know when to use what. My daughter was also able to identify the different ingredients which was great. Not only is it fun but it’s also educational.

I also liked the fact that the nutritional info was readily available.

Check out the finished product bellow 😋

They look good right? They tasted even better even with the melted chocolate buttons on top 😀

More on Play Bakes

  • Healthier bakes

Packed with real fruit. Lower in sugar than traditional bakes. Get inspired to try healthier baking.

  • Super easy

All you ever need are milk, eggs or butter. With a shelf life of at least 2 months so you can choose when to bake.

  • Educational

Specially designed for kids to do most steps independently. Hands-on learning they will love and creations they’ll be proud of.

If you would like anymore info or if you would like to order, visit their website

We had a blast and I’m sure you will too!

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