TOTFest 2018

So let’s talk TOTFest 2018. If you’ve seen my previous post then it needs no introduction.

We arrived in good time and didn’t have to queue up for too long. Entry was quick and painless as staff came to check our tickets while we were queuing up and handed us our wristbands. Upon entry, we’re greeted by friendly staff and this

Which I thought was a brilliant idea! I would like to say I haven’t lost my child in primark but I have. That girl is super good at playing hide and seek so it was great to know the organisers had our kids safety in mind! You’ll be glad to know I didn’t lose her 😀

The organisers created an app that allowed us to see what was going on where and the different timings for the events which was fab. They also have us a paper map too.

There was a lot to do on the day!

Move with Peppa

A new interactive class that gets your kids moving and singing with the help of Peppa Pig! My little ones is obsessed with the show so I knew she would love this too!


Is a music class for babies and toddlers and they were their for the day giving us all a preview of their fun classes. Their bubble machine was the first thing you see when you entered and my little one couldn’t get enough. She loved playing with all their sensory toys too!

Soft play

We all love soft play right? And on a day like that day it was so needed as it was indoors. If you’ve seen my Instagram post about the day, you’ll know that we came dressed for bad weather. We were wrong 😀the weather was gorgeous but not too enjoyable in leggings and wellies so it was nice to be indoors for a while.

Live entertainment

The live entertainment was awesome. It’s was like a concert for toddlers playing their favourite nursery rhymes and tv theme tunes. The hosts were all bubbly and friendly and knew how to get the kids’ attention.

Bouncy castle

What’s a kids event without a bouncy castle? TOTFest had 3! The kids all seemed to enjoy it!

There were a few things we didn’t get to do on the day as it was more about me following the little one. If she likes a particular thing, she’ll stay there for the whole day!


So I’ve seen a few people on twitter complaining about the event and I’m going to address that. My reviews are always super honest!

You can’t complain about long queues to get into the event when you don’t arrive in good time lol. This is just common sense!

The event started at 12pm. I’m from London and arrived at 11:30am. Mainly because I actually wanted to find a place to park which I did. Time management has always been my forte. You can’t blame the event organisers because you’re a latecomer.

However when it comes to the actual event, I did find the length of queues rather crazy! I can’t tell you how long I waited in line for food which isn’t ideal on a very hot day with a distressed toddler. Luckily I bought enough food for her to eat, I just didn’t bring enough for me 😃 I guess next time I just have to bring a bigger packed lunch but I do think it’s something the event organisers need to look into. The line for pictures with characters was super long too! We were lucky enough to get a quick flick with Peppa Pig as we were lining up to get in. It’s a shame we didn’t get pictures with the other characters but my little girl still had fun so I can’t complain.

I thought it was a great event and would love to return again! Hopefully next year will be bigger and better!

Check out some more pictures below…

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