Discover Children’s Story Centre

Discover Children’s story centre is a truly magical experience for little ones. Children are really encouraged here to play freely and come up with their own little stories. I am forever reading to my little girl so I was so excited to see such a place exists. There are literally books EVERYWHERE and there’s never a dull moment.

My little girl was in awe when we first entered the story trail. There was so much to do, she didn’t know where to start! She soon discovered the puppets and had a blast with them making her only little stories. She quickly noticed the arts and crafts area where she decorated a little spoon and had fun making a lot of mess!

This place is great for a rainy day if you live close by!

We also attended a story time session which was an extra £1.50. The storyteller was great and very engaging! All the children sat quietly and seemed to really enjoy the story. What came next was awesome! we were taken into a secret hideaway that took us to where the gruffalo lives. Again the children were encouraged to play and create their own stories.

The outdoor area was lovely and we were lucky enough to go on a nice day. My little girl had so much fun on the spaceship and the car. It was quite difficult to get her off lol

There’s a cafe where you’re able to buy drinks and snacks. You are also permitted to bring your own but this must be consumed outside the cafe area. There are also plenty of toilets, baby changing facilities and a buggy park too!



383-387 High Street


London E15 4QZ

Opening hours

How Much?

We give this place a 10/10! We will definitely be visiting again! To find out more info click here

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