The Tin Foil Astronaut @ The Lyric Theatre

Yesterday we saw a pretty awesome theatre production by Kitchen Zoo at the Lyric theatre. At the moment, my daughter is really into space at rockets so I thought this would be a great show to take her to.

When we first entered the theatre, we were greeted by the cast who were in character and offered as pieces of tin foil which we would use later on in the performance.

We meet Alba Dinkley who isn’t well liked at school but she has a love for being an astronaut and going to space. We also meet Alba’s very protective dad who just wants her home so she can eat her fish fingers and beans 😀

Alba is not very confident and that’s isn’t helped by her mean classmates and the tv presenter that tells her she’ll never make it to space. However, with the help of the audience, Alba eventually makes it to space and we all travel along with her.

We are encouraged to scrunch up our pieces of tin foil and throw them into Alba’s rocket ship to fuel it. The kids in the audience had a lot of fun doing this!

The show was very interactive with the cast members encouraging us to join in with the counting down (when the rocket blasts off into space) There are also a few times where they join us in the seating ares. Alba shows us her rocket up close. My daughter was in awe!

There are puppets, funny and catchy songs and really cool sound effects which you can see right in front of you. It was a really cool show and any child into space would love it!

To find out more about Kitchen Zoo and where they are touring next, click here.

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