Inflatable Zone

Inflatable Zone is the Midlands first indoor theme park! I was so excited to visit (you’ll know that already if you’re following me on Instagram lol)

It’s in Birmingham and as you may know I’m from London so I’ll tell you a bit about my trip as well as the theme park.

So if you’re thinking about travelling there from London, you can drive and there’s free parking there which is great. I decided to take the coach and train, coach there and train back. My journey cost only just over £11.

We got a coach from Victoria coach station to Digbeth coach station in Birmingham. I decided to do it this way as my little girl has never been in a coach before so I thought it would be a nice experience. You can get a train from London Marylebone straight to Birmingham for just over £12 return which super cheap so check out Chiltern railways if you do decide to go after reading about our fun day out.

The inflatable zone

When we’re arrived we were greeted by helpful staff that gave us wristbands for our time slot and showed us where the lockers were.

I thought the lockers were cool and convenient as it’s the first of its kind I’ve seen. I brought a lock and key with me just in case but didn’t need it. You pay £1 for a locker and input your date of birth in a machine to unlock and lock your personal belongings. It lasts for 1hr and 30 mintutes and you are able to extend the time if you need to.

we then made our way to the inflatable zone and I was pleasantly surprised to see how big it was. There was so much to do in an hour slot.

The first part we went to was the toddler zone which is smallest part of the whole place but still a lot of fun. Check out the pictures below.

I was a little apprehensive about taking my little girl to the main part as it’s still the Easter holidays and there were a lot of older kids there but I did and we still managed to have a great time. There’s so much to do.

Our favourite was definitely the huge slide. We went on it countless times and my little girl even built up the confidence to go down alone which was great to watch!

There are plenty of staff in and around the park so you’re kids are safe at all times. There are staff running games within the park too so there’s plenty of entertainment!

The assault course looked really cool too. We didn’t complete it as my little girl got tired after the first hurdle lol but I could see the other kids around enjoying it.

Price list

Inflatable Zone is open every Saturday and Sunday and everyday in the school holidays.

We will definitely be visiting again as we had a blast! I recommend you take a trip too ☺️

For more info, click here

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