Chelsea Creperie

Chelsea Creperie is a crepe and waffle restaurant based in Chelsea. They use organic ingredients and also have dairy free and vegan options for those who are interested.

Not only do they sell and make yummy treats right in front of you but they also have special events on for children where they can make their own yummy special treats!

We came across Chelsea Creperie on the app Hoop and couldn’t wait to join the waffle making session!

We had such a great time making waffles and the other children that were there too were really having a great time.

We had 2 great teachers showing us the steps to making our super yummy waffles.

Check out some of our pictures below.

All the children were given bright and colour aprons and a mixing bowl…

The children all got the chance to explore the walk in fridge and get their own organic ingredients!

Our teachers were super helpful and patient!

Time to make the waffles! The adults did this part…

Time to add the toppings 😋

This was our first time at Chelsea Creperie but it definitely won’t be our last! We cannot wait to see what events they have next!

Check out their website for more info 🙂

Chelsea Creperie

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