So the past couple of months have been very frustrating as my daughter has just been refusing to eat. It’s a very odd time as I hear from the nursery staff at her nursery that she eats all her food but for some reason at home she just doesn’t want to or when she does she holds food in her mouth for HOURS! It drives me insane. I went on Pinterest trying to find different foods she may like and fun ways to make them e.g. cutting her toast in to stars or hearts but that still didn’t work.

I then heard that my local children’s centre were holding cooking classes for toddlers and thought that it would be great to bring her along as she may be encourage to eat food she has made herself.

I booked us onto a cooking course with the company Kiddycook and we have been going to class every Tuesday for the last 3 weeks and it’s been a lot of fun.

So what is Kiddycook?

Kiddycook deliver fun, healthy cooking classes for children aged 2-11 across the U.K.

What have we made so far?

So each week we make something different in class which last for roughly an hour. We then take what we’ve made home and cook/bake it. We are provided with everything we need as well as instructions on what to do at home and the recipe so we can make it again in the future.

Week 1: Vegan lasagne – I never got a chance to taste it but my daughter ate it all so I assume it was yummy 😋

Week 2: Vegan Banana bread – this was delicious and my daughter definitely enjoyed it too!

Week 3: Vegan Pizza – I never if my life thought myself or my daughter would enjoy a pizza with broccoli on it but we did 😀 I need to be more open minded.

What I love about Kiddycook

•It’s very interactive. Not only doing you get to cook but there are a few songs and dances incorporated into the class too!

•The class is nice and small. Sometimes big classes can be overwhelming to young kids so it’s nice and feels a little more intimate.

•The aprons are super cute 😀 my little girls looks like a professional little chef 👩🏽‍🍳

•Our teacher Veronika is great with the children too and has adapted recipes for one of the vegan mums and has encouraged us to make healthier choices when cooking too!

For us, the classes were free as it was held at our local children’s centre but when the course is over, I will definitely be signing up to paid classes as I have seen the difference in my little girls eating habits and it’s also nice to learn new healthy recipes.

For more info please click here

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