Our “free” trip to Legoland 

You may have read my previous post about our “free” trip to chessington with The Sun Superdays. I did the whole process again and this time got “free tickets to Legoland.

I didn’t explain in much detail in the last post what I did but I will in this one. So there are 4 simple steps you do to get your “free” tickets.

The Sun newspaper isn’t free so technically the tickets aren’t free – 50p weekdays, or 70p on Saturdays), and The Sun on Sunday (£1) – but it all works out cheaper. A lot cheaper than going to buy a ticket online which are around £45. All you have to do is put in the effort and going out each day to buy the newspaper.

The only downside is that you cannot pick a specific date. You will have to choose 5 date bands (which you will see on the application form) in order of preference and you will be given your tickets on a specific date within one of these bands. It’s good for those still on maternity leave, part timers or not working at all. You just got to hope you get the date you want that’s why it’s a good idea to send it all off straight away once you’ve collected all 10 tokens.

UPDATE: You can now pick your own dates with the Sun Savers.

Step 1: Download the Sun Savers app or register at sunsavers.co.uk. Then, go to the ‘Offers’ section and click ‘Start Collecting’ on the ‘Superdays’ page.

Step 2: Scan or enter NINE Sun Savers codes from The Sun on the dates where the current promotion runs. Then click ‘Book’ on the ‘Superdays’ page.

Step 3: You will receive your tickers via email OR a unique booking code via email to book a specific date and time at your chosen attractions website.

Ok I think that’s enough of the boring stuff. Now let’s talk Legoland! Fun day out (minus the rain) Forgot to mention that it’s free for under 3s so if The Sun have the same offer next year and your little one is under 3 then being a long a friend like I did.

So what did we do?

We saw a puppet version of Cinderella at the Duplo Valley theatre which myself and the kids throughly enjoyed!

We went on a boat ride called Fairytale Brook where we got to see all our favourite fairytale characters in Lego form. It was amazing and so detailed. Hats off to whoever designs and makes these!

There are a decent amount of toddler/baby friendly rides. With a lot of rides I noticed that you had to be a certain height which is good if you have a slightly tall toddler but unfortunately for us little miss was a little small so we will definitely be visiting again in a few years time.

We went on a submarine ride and got to see some fishes and lego divers.

We went on another boat ride but this time we were in control. (Kids are suppose to sit down. Only took this photo right at the very end where it was safe)

We saw a 4D short film of the Ledgends of Chima. (Prepared to get wet)

There was a park just for the little ones. Great way to let them burn off some energy before nap time!

Things to remember:

*download the Legoland app for ride waiting times, map and more details on what rides are suitable for your little ones

*pre order your parking online just so it’s cheaper

*if you don’t want to bring your own buggy you can hire one for the day for a fee

*there are plenty of baby changing facilities around the resort

*There are buggy parks nearby the rides but always remember to bring your valuables with you

*buy a waterproof poncho beforehand. Legoland ones are £3.50 and you can get 2 for £1 in Poundland. They do kids sizes too

*if you’re not into spending loads on food then bring a packed lunch and enough snacks and water to last the day.

*check special packs of Kellogg’s cereal and Cadbury chocolates for 241 vouchers that you can use on the day to get your tickets cheaper.

*check the weather before you book your tickets. Sometimes they have to close rides because of bad weather so you don’t want to travel all the way only to have half of the experience.

Legoland 2018

We visited Legoland again and we had a lot of fun and this time the weather was great! Unfortunately a few rides were closed and it looked like they had some renovations going on around the park but it was still a great day.

Again this year the sun superdays are giving away two “free” tickets to a few Merlin attractions but this year you can choose your dates which is great news. Have a look on the site for further details on how to get your tickets.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today 🙂

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