Peppa Pig Live

Peppa Pig’s surprise is a live theatre production of the popular children’s television show that I took my daughter to in December. Unfortunately I’ve just had a look on their website and their tour is now over 😦 I’ll tell you about it anyway and I’ll post a link to their site as you can like them on Facebook and receive info about their future tour dates 🙂 http://www.peppapiglive.comSo I was googling things to do with my little girl and came across this. I was so excited. Anyone that knows me knows I love going to the theatre (I teach drama)so being able to take my daughter for the first time brought me so much joy. I told my friend about it (we met at a Sure start centre:)) and we decided to take our daughters. Tickets were £11 for adults which was a decent price. They allowed us to have “babies in arms” which meant we didn’t have to pay for the little ones. Not all theatres do this so if you find a show you want to take your little one to, please check before you buy tickets. Also a lot of theatres do not let kids under the age of three see their shows so again please check before you buy tickets. Be aware that ticket prices vary and are based on where you sit and dates.

The journey

So like most theatres this theatre (Phoenix Theatre in Charing Cross) was in the West end. I don’t do tube and buggy unless I’m with my bf. I can’t do it lol. Even the thought of it makes me feel stressed so I got the bus. A simple search on the tfl website or even the maps on the iPhone will tell you how to get there.

The theatre

Now this was the only downside to the day. They allowed all the parents/guardians of the children to bring their buggys. There were a lot of buggys :/ we all had to store them in their downstairs bar. No lift. (Can’t really about that though as it is an old theatre) What was horrible was the wait after the show. There was this long ass line of tired mums, dads and kids just wanting to get their buggys and go home. It was a very unorganised system. Hopefully when I go to see other shows elsewhere they have a better system.

The show

I don’t want to say too much about it incase the show eventually comes back and I don’t want to ruin it for you. Overall it was a great experience. Both our daughters enjoyed it and so did I tbh lol.

Every time I take my daughter somewhere fun I add it to her scrapbook which you can see below. Let’s be real lol she’s only 1 and probably won’t remember the show but at least I have this to show her and I’ll always have that memory too ❤

Here are the links to upcoming shows you can take your little ones to.

Peppa Pig live 2018

Now my daughter is 2, she is completely obsessed with Peppa pig so I had to take her again and she loved it!

The show

Peppa Pig and her friends go on a fun adventure camping. The show is full of catchy songs and extremely happy children! Lots of audience interaction too which we love.

How much?

Ticket prices vary but have a look below to see how much we paid.

For details on the tour click here so you can find your closest showing.

And for my American/Canadian readers click here for more info.

I can’t say I have had much traffic from Australian readers but if you come across this then click here for Australian tour dates 🙂

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