Mini Bakers Club by BKD

What is it?

Mini Bakers Club by BKD is a children’s box subscription service they gives you the chance to bake yummy foods in the comfort of your home with your little ones. You’re provided with quality ingredients (some you will have to buy yourself such as eggs/flour)

It’s a great for a rainy day in or to give away as a lovely baking gift to a young family member or a friend of your little one.

How much is it?

There are a number of subscription plans to choose from:


Subscriptions start from £8.99 a month + P&P

Montly £9.99 + P&P | 3 monthly £27.99 + P&P | 6 monthly £53.94 + P&P | 12 monthly £107.88 + P&P

£1.99 P&P/month (uk) or £5.99 P&P/month (europe)

My thoughts…

Now this creative baking and craft kit is aimed at children aged 3+ but my 2 year old did an amazing job (with a little help from me😀)

She was super excited to open the box and I absolutely loved the fact I could personalise it and it was addressed to her.

Inside the box was super cute too. There was a little message, again addressed to her and the ingredients we needed to create our own yummy Jammy Doggers!

We were also provided with a booklet with instructions on how to make the Jammy Doggers, a list of the contents of the box and a list of any other ingredients/equipment we needed.

IMPORTANT Inside the box is a sticker that tells you what exactly is in the ingredients which is important to read in case you have any allergies.

We completed the first part of our baking journey (it was messy 😀be sure to wear old clothes and an apron) We then decided to do the activities provided in the booklet.

We created our own valentines love bug…

Then we created our own flowers using cupcake cases and pipe cleaners. This was definitely my daughters favourite activity!

Once that was completed we continued to make our Jammy Doggers and…

…here is the finished product! I’m very proud of my little girl as she listened very well to my instructions. It was also our first time baking together and it was a beautiful bonding experience. I would recommend this to anyone! It’s nice to do something fun that doesn’t involve electronics!

If you’re interested in next months box then do check out Mini Bakers by BKD social links and be sure to subscribe 😎





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