Half term fun!

Looking for something fun to do this half term? Check out this great list of suggestions below!

Amy suggests…

Colouring in! An oldie but a goodie. Keeps my girls entertained for hours and I even join them as it is very relaxing. www.allaboutamummy.co.uk

Eileen suggests…

Build forts out of couch cushions, have a movie marathon, go on an “adventure” like a treasure hunt with a checklist of things to find 😊


Ayse suggest…

Buy some glow sticks and have an indoor dance party. Perfect for those rainy days!


Pete suggests…

We’ll be spending some of our time cooking together. Pancakes for Pancake Day and attempting to make some Chinese food to celebrate Chinese New Year. Fortunately, my kids are much better at preparing food than me!


Debbie suggests…

Jigsaws – especially 3D ones … http://www.myboysclub.co.uk/2018/02/big-ben-3d-ravensburger-jigsaw-puzzle.html

Lisa suggests…

Find a new place to explore – country parks, forests, woods – and do your own nature trail, take a picnic and have fun! Http://passtheproseccoplease.co.uk

Lianne suggests…

We love moutain walks and we take the camp stove find a nice spot and have a hot meal for lunch like beans on toast or scrambled egg to warm up , the kids love it www.anklebitersadventures.co.uk

Jennifer suggests…

Visit the beach! The coast can be a fabulous day out all year round! Wrap up in warm clothing and wellies and splash in the sea or climb up to the top of the Sandhills and feel like you’re on top of the world! http://www.mymummyspennies.com

My suggestions

Bath time!

You can use your bath or something like this. Get your little ones to bath their dolls. It’s a lot of splashing around and they’re bound to have fun!

Yummy smoothies

Make a different smoothie for everyday of the week. They are quick to make if you have a nutribullet. A normal blender should work well too! Add lots of fruit and veg. A lovely healthy treat! I usually head to Pinterest when looking for smoothie recipes.

Paint time!

Everything in the photo was from Poundland of Hobbycraft.

Plastic table cover – minimises mess – £1

Apron – again minimises messy clothes but I would suggest wearing something old anyway. £1 Poundland or Poundworld (sorry can’t remember which one)

Paints – from Hobbycraft for £1. You can also get paint from Poundland too!

Paintbrushes- are from HobbyCraft. I don’t remember the exact price but they were definitely under £2. Again you can get paint brushes from Poundland.

Sky Garden

Looking for a free day out? Sky Garden is the place to go.

What’s is it?

A rooftop garden with a restaurant. There’s also the lovely view of London.

You can book tickets here. They’re released every Monday.


If you have already heard about this great app, get straight to your AppStore and download it now!

Hoop lists pretty much all the kids events going on in your area. All you have to do is pop in your postcode and the age of your child[ren] and your list will appear. There are a number of free events too. Do check it out. It’s my go to app!

Local library

Check your local library for half term events.

Here’s a list of what’s going on in Balham library.

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