Ribbet Ribbet Croak @ The Blue Elephant Theatre

What’s is about?

Gran and Grandpa frog are working on something special for their Grandfrogs special birthday.


The Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell.

There is one more show here on Tuesday February 6th. There are 3 performances on that last approximately 50 minutes. Click here for more details.

The theatre

There’s a bar upstairs where you can buy reasonably priced drinks and snacks. In the downstairs area, there is a small area to park your buggys. Be sure to fold them up!

The theatre itself is nice, small and cosy and the seats were very comfortable!

The Show

We were straight away welcomed by Grandma Frog and she gave my little girl a piece of paper with a Frog on it. We quickly found our seats and waited for the show to begin.

We were then introduced to Grandad Frog and were told by them to let them know when ever we see the Grandfrogs. We love a bit of panto!

There was plenty of audience interaction. The children were invited on stage to help tidy up props, play on the pretend snow and were even encouraged to make their own “knock knock” jokes.

Snowballs were thrown into the audience which my daughter absolutely loved and at one point we were given fans which had a lovely sent to it. It was a multi sensory performance which we both throughly enjoyed and could tell the other children in the audience were having a good time too!

The show included Makaton which I thought was great. For those who do not know what Makaton is, it’s the use of signs and symbols to help people communicate. There were even mini booklets on our seats to help us understand more.

The show was created by Moulded Theatre so be sure to check out what other shows they have on and where else they will be taking Ribbet Ribbet Croak.

To see what else is on at The Blue Elephant theatre, click here.

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