Baby Sensory

My weekly baby sensory class

I have decided to write a little bit about my fabulous baby class that I attend with my son Kingsley each week.

A little bit about Baby Sensory

Baby sensory is a development class created by founded by Dr Lin (PhD., M. Phil., PGCE., FETC., BSc., Dip Ed.) and is one of the UK’s leading parenting experts.  The classes are designed from birth age up to 13 months old.  Each class is designed to engage, stimulate and educate babies via sensory play.


Each class lasts for one hour and each week there is a theme.  More recently, we’ve had light festival week and some of the upcoming classes are valentines week and under the sea!  One week we had water week, and all the babies got to shallow paddle in warm water – they loved it!

I love how each week is themed as it sets the scene for the class and allows it to flow for us as parents as well as the babies.

The class starts off with 15/20 minutes led sensory play but the class leader  and starts off with the signing ‘Say Hello’ song.  Its a really engaging song with a few signs and all the babies love it!  Often, activities involve shakers, bells, drums, sensory lights, sheets and signs all to engaging music.   Then the babies and Mums/Dads can have free play for 15 minutes which is a good time for Mums to have a chat and the babies can have a change of scenery. There is normally a ball pit, activity tables and small mats and toys out relevant to that weeks theme.  To finish off the session, there is a last 15 minute sensory led play finishing off with the ‘goodbye song’.  By now all the little ones are tired and ready for a nap!

I love taking my little boy here as I feel it is a baby class with a little sparkle to it.  It contains so much more than a baby group as there is so much going on and I love how each week is themed.  I feel there is a lot included in the class which in my opinion is worth paying a little extra.  My little boy is certainly stimulated and loves all the elements to the class from the circle time to individual play.

I would totally recommend anyone who has a baby to look in to their local classes!

An awesome guest post by mummy blogger Michelle. Thanks a bunch! Check out her blog here. Michelle’s other social media links are listed below. Be sure to check them out.




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