Thomas Land

Where to go for a fun day out for your year old’s big birthday in the Midlands?

For Finley’s highly anticipated 3rd birthday (it’s all he talks about is birthday’s and he was very excited it was finally his!) we decided to give Thomas Land at Drayton Manor a visit. It was our first time heading up to Tamworth to give this particular theme park a visit. I had heard great thing about it, so we were really excited to finally get a chance to go.

It’s fairly good value compared to other parks we have been to. We purchased an advance ticket for myself and Finley costing £20 and then purchased an additional ticket on the gate for £18 for my husband.

The park is easily accessible from the car park which is great when you have little legs in tow! I always enjoy the ‘wow’ factor element whenever I take Finley out for the day and Thomas Land certainly had this. Seeing their face when you walk in somewhere is just amazing isn’t it?!

There were loads of rides to choose from, including a short train ride on Thomas himself through the park and the newly opened James and The Red Balloon Ride. There is also a soft play area too which is always useful for rainy or hot days!

The downside for us were the queues were very slow moving. Not ideal for an impatient toddler! And, as you would expect at theme parks, the food was expensive and pretty un-appetising. We were also refused entry on to the Troublesome Trucks Roller Coaster. With Finley being 3, and fairly tall for his age, I was a little surprised at this. I would have expected all of the rides to be suitable for that age group.

All in all, we had a great birthday day out. After all, how can you not enjoy a day with Thomas The Tank Engine?!

Gail has written another great post for Kiddo Adventures. Check out her blog while you’re here 🙂

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