Breaking the Ice @ The Oval House theatre

What’s it about?

Ovalhouse’s Christmas Show! Have you heard the incredible true story of a wild polar bear who made friends with a Husky? This is a show inspired by their unlikely friendship. Join us on a journey into the snow where music, shadows and projection will transport you to a place where Polar Bears and Huskies really can be friends. Then watch as your child joins in with the adventure and takes their place on Team Polar Bear or Team Husky! and find new friends.

We arrived at the Oval house theatre today to watch the show was pleasantly surprised to see the “snow” outside! We knew we were in for a free time!

The show is for children ages two to five. It’s a wonderful show for the smaller ages as they get to witness a loving relationship between a polar bear and a husky in their natural habitat. For children a little older and parents, there’s a clear message about climate change and how horrible it can be for the animals of the world. It also makes you think what would happen if all the ice in the Artic continues to melt.

In the show, we are introduced to a nature photographer who is in the Artic doing what she knows best, taking photos. She comes across a very playful Husky that is so playful, that it ends up in the audience playing around with the children. Soon after, comes along the Polar bear and the Husky and Polar Bear soon become the best of friends. Due to climate change, the Ice starts to melt and the animal friends end up quite literally drifting apart but are reunited at the every end of the show.

This wordless show is performed beautifully by three amazing actors with minimal props. They did an excellent job at captivating such a young audience. I also loved the projections of the Artic and could hear the “oohs” and “ahhs” of the children in the audience who were also impressed.

The show ends with some audience participation (our fave!). The children are given a choice to wear polar bear or husky ears and are invited onto the stage to play on the ice with the actors. My daughter was a little scared at first because I think she thought the ice was real LOL! I guess that’s a good thing. The more authentic, the better.

Unfortunately the last show of this is tomorrow 23/12/17 @ 11am & 2pm so that will be your last opportunity to watch if you’re interested. I would recommend that you sign up to the mailing list of the Oval House theatre as I’m sure they have plenty more shows coming next year.


WEDS 13 – SAT 23 DEC 11am (no perfs SUN or MON), Sat 16 & 23 Dec 2pm


Oval house theatre, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London, SE11 5SW

How much?

All tickets are £10

For more info and to book tickets, click here.

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