Raver Tots

What is it?

Raver Tots is a family rave where kids and grownups can hit the dance floor and let off some steam together! There is tons kids fun including face painting, UV lights, bubbles, balloons, confetti and giant parachutes in a rave style atmosphere with some of the UK’s top DJ’s including residents Artful Dodger, Brandon Block, Slipmatt & Nicky Blackmarket. Some events attract up to 1500 people a time!

Our day

We got to the venue at 2 on the dot and was surprised to see how long the queue was but the staff got us in very quickly. As soon as we got in, our bags were searched and we were greeted by Santa and some elves giving out little treats.

We collected our treats and came across a mini shop selling raver tots merchandise. I loved the high vis jackets they were selling with the raver tots logo. Was a little disappointed I didn’t get the chance to purchase one due to a moody toddler lol!

When we got inside the venue, I was pleasantly surprised to see how big it was. The music was great and at an acceptable level for young kids.

There was a bit of soft play, plenty of balloons, bubbles, glow sticks, and confetti in every room. My daughter was in awe. She loved watching Santa and his elf dance on the main stage.

The kids AND adults all went crazy when the huge parachute was brought out.

It was a fun time for parents too! Dancing along to tunes you haven’t heard in years with the company of your kids. Fun times!

I would recommend this to anyone. Look how shattered my little girl was after it was finished😂 I’m sure she’s going to have a great nights sleep tonight!


Various locations. I will post the link to the website below so you can find your nearest! We went to Club Fire in Vauxhall and the location was perfect. Free parking on weekends and inside the club was lovely and spacious.

How much?

Ticket prices vary. The cheapest I’ve seen on the site is £7 which I think is reasonable. These are advance tickets so you’ve got to book them asap when you find a rave near you!

Need to know

I’m sure all venues are different and similar but I will tell you the need to know about Fire in Vauxhall just in case you happen to go to a rave there.

  • There’s an organised buggy park
  • There’s also a cloakroom so you know your belongings are safe plus you don’t have to carry bags and costs around with you.

  • There was nice chill out area with a bar of inside gets too much for you.

  • Toilets were easily accessible although I don’t actually remember seeing specific baby changing ones.
  • The rave was only 2 hours (perfect for little ones)

Click here for more info & to book tickets for an event near you 🙂

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