Santa’s Mixed Up Martian @ The New Wimbledon Studio

We had a fantastic time today watching Santa’s Mixed up Martian. As you know from previous posts, I love taking my daughter to the theatre so jumped at the chance to see the festive production. Before we even got in the theatre we were greeted by the lovely staff with a sticker (my daughter is obsessed with stickers so this was an added bonus) and a some paper where they could write down their Christmas wish list.

What’s it about?

A Martian from space ends up crashing down to earth right in the North Pole. Santa and his special elf Ellie try to help the Martian get back to its home. The show is full of well known songs and the characters encourage both parents and children to join in. All the kids were happy to get out of their seats and sing along to the like is “jingle bells” and “twinkle twinkle little star.” There’s nothing we love more than some audience participation! It was a lovely experience with a sweet surprise at the end 🙂


12th December-24 December. See website for specific times and dates.


New Wimbledon studio

The Broadway



SW19 1QG

How much?

See picture below

Need to know

  • There’s a car park right beside the theatre which is great if you’re driving, you don’t even need to bring your buggy if your child is at a walking age.
  • There is buggy storage for those who do need it.
  • One adult goes free with every order!
  • All the children will get to meet Santa and receive a Christmas gift from him. (The surprise I mentioned earlier on)
  • The performance is for children up to the age of 6
  • The show lasts around 35 minutes

You can buy tickets here. There’s not a lot on in the theatres for children under 6 so I would definitely recommend you see this with your little ones before it’s too late!

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