Zeraffa Giraffa

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the theatre and I’m always searching for children’s shows to take my daughter to.

I’ve found another 🙂

So close to home as well which is a bonus!!

This show is for children aged 4-10 however I’ve taken my daughter to so many shows that I know she will be fine to watch for an hour. If you have any concerns, I would contact the theatre directly. I’ll post details below.

What’s is about?

Across the plains of Ethiopia where grass grows tall and acacias taste sweet…

A young giraffe is sent as a gift from the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France, but Paris is very far away.

With a boy called Atir to help Zeraffa find her way, the pair sail down the Nile past pyramids, sphinxes and temples and out across the stormy sea to a country where everything is different. No one has seen an animal like Zeraffa before. Can Zeraffa and Atir find a way to make this new place home?


Omnibus Theatre 1 Clapham Common Northside London SW4 0QW


25 Nov – 17 Dec

Performances run Wednesday- Sunday. Please check the website for further info.

How much?


£8 concession

The show

What an incredible show! I adored the utilisation of puppets and the projector. The performance is based on a book of the same name by Dianne Hofmeyr. I will definitely be purchasing the book as I thought it was a lovely story.

I was also surprised by the actual Giraffe and how life like it was. Props to the designer as my daughter and all the other kids in the audience were mesmerised.

The actors were great also. There were just 3 of them and they figured out how to assume various parts between them flawlessly!

Loved the live music too which you don’t always get in the theatre.

Inside the theatre was nice too. There is a common room with a bar where you can sit and unwind before the show starts. I loved the colouring in walle where you’re encouraged to pick up a pencil and take part.

Don’t just take my word for it though, Click here to book tickets before it’s too late and for more info 🙂

It’s also worth signing up to Omnibus’ mailing list (you can do this on their website) so you can see if they have anymore shows on for children or for adults!

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2 thoughts on “Zeraffa Giraffa

  1. Hope you enjoy this show! I saw your blog through Google Alerts. I’m the author of Zeraffa Giraffa the picture book that the play is based on. Sabrina Mafouz wrote the script. Even if the whole story isn’t followed by your child, there are lovely moments of singing and action and the giraffe is delightful. I think both of you will have fun. Something to do with younger child after the show, would be to make a giraffe mask.

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