Mini Jam

My daughter and I came across an amazing music program for 0-5 YO called Mini Jam. I actually first saw it on the app Hoop. If you haven’t already downloaded it, then do it asap! Great place to find new things for your kids to do as well as my amazing blog 😀

So what is Mini Jam?

They have interactive music classes and they also do concerts and we have been to both and thoroughly enjoyed them!

The Concert

It was the Fresh Ground on Battersea Rise (such a lovely baby friendly cafe btw) and very easy to find!

The concert was a lot of fun and very interactive. My daughter was dancing all around and enjoyed playing with the other children and popping the playful bubbles!

The music was great too! We danced along to music from Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Stevie wonder and many more for 45 minutes.

We also had the lovely soul singer Gemma Nelson performing all these classics for us.

Not only did we have all this exciting music, but there was also a face painter. Unfortunately my daughter was too invested in the dancing to get her face painted but it was nice to have the option.


Props the class teach Chez who made the class extremely fun and interactive .

We had great music to dance to, exciting musical instruments to play with and a lot of fun.

My daughters favourite part was playing with the light up fidget spinners are listening to the saxophone. That was definitely my favourite part too.


What I love about Mini jam is that they introduce your little ones to all the different types of musical instruments which is great if one of your aims is to get them playing one at an older age.


To find your nearest class, you can visit or


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