Jack and the Beanstalk @ the Lyric theatre


That’s the word that comes to mind when describing this show. I did not expect it to be that good. I’m a big fan of going to theatre, especially this time of the year when it’s panto galore!

And what a great panto it is. Absolutely hilarious. The whole cast were great and I could hear the audience enjoying the show as much as I did. What I loved most was the music! They remixed contemporary music like Ed Sheeran – shape of you, Outkast – hey ya and others and it was so clever. You couldn’t help but laugh.

I loved the audience interaction too. Audience members were invited on stage to take part and the actors every now and then threw chocolates into the crowd. The kids loved it! There was one point where we all sang happy birthday to two audience members which I thought was lovely!

Now the recommended age for children is 6+, but I took my 2 year old daughter and she was perfect. She sat still on her booster seat and was amazed by the pretty lights and the funky music. I think it also helped that I bought her snacks lol.

This was our second time at that theatre in a week and this looks like it may be one of our new favourite spots.

Please do check out their website for further information on children’s/family shows.



From £15-£40.


Great! The theatre is located in Hammersmith. Parking in Kings Mall (not too expensive) and great transport links

If you do get the chance to go, you’ll be really impressed with the ending. I know my daughter was.

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