Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco

Monski Mouse’s baby disco is fun for ALL the family and is described as the perfect family day out. Sounds good right?

When and where?

11th Nov – 17th Dec (check website to book for specific times)

Christmas in Leicester Square, Leicester Square, London, WC2


Prices are from £8.50 and children under 6 months are free!

The disco

My daughter and I had a lot of fun dancing to some great music. It was a great mixture of different genres, Christmas music and some of the great songs my daughter is use to hearing at baby groups like Sleeping bunnies.

It was such a nice atmosphere and it was lovely to see parents acting silly with their kids. Dancing can be a beautiful bonding experience with your little ones so I would definitely recommend coming here!

Everyone seemed to be having an awesome time!

There was even a little space for the kids to relax if they got a little tired which is brilliant. Dancing is a lot of fun but can be tiring so it was good to know that they catered for this.

Inside was nice and warm too which is good to know as we want our kids warm!

Need to know

  • There’s a buggy park
  • There’s a bar where you can buy reasonably priced drinks
  • You can buy tickets in advance or on the day at the box office

It was a nice afternoon out and when it’s all finished, you can continue to enjoy the other festive things going on at Christmas in Leicester Square.

Check the disco out before it ends. For more info visit

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