What is it?

Family festive fun is what it is being described as and we had a lot of fun while we were there. I would compare it to a slightly smaller version of Winter Wonderland but don’t let the size put you off. Still a great day out!

Where is it?

Clapham Common, South West London

What is there to do?

A lot! Ice skating, a roller disco, a cinema, plenty of rides for all ages! If you have a look on the website, you can see all they have to offer.

Me and my little girl spent about 2 hours there which was longer than expected as it was absolutely freezing! Although we did warm up a little bit when they lit a fire.

We had some yummy food, went on a few rides and just took in the whole Christmas atmosphere. We love seeing all the pretty lights and there was a huge, beautiful Christmas tree that you can’t take your eyes off.

How much is it?

Entry is FREE for kids under 16, and free for 16+ except Friday and Saturday night with a £3 entry from 6PM.

Need to know:

  • Bring cash. They have cash machines there but you are charged £2.50 to take money out!
  • Goes without saying but wrap yourself and your little ones up warm!!
  • You can book events online so check out the website.
  • There’s special flooring so you don’t have to worry about getting your buggy wheels all muddy.
  • Toilets are available

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Mum of 1 trying to make both our lives as fun as possible :)

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