Hamleys Toy Parade

Unfortunately it’s only one day of the year and if you didn’t attend today, then you’ll have to wait until next year 😦 but it’s definitely something to look forward to!

What is it?

A toy parade on Regents street in London. It’s free, it’s fun but it’s also freezing lol. You’re spending the whole day outside so be sure to wrap up warm!

Unfortunately I missed the actual parade. Bummer! No worries though as there were opportunities to meet some of our favourite tv characters/toys.

We took photos with Bing and Flop and some of the characters from the Go Jetters series. There were super long and unorganised queues but seeing my daughter so excited made it worth the cold wait!

My only issue with the whole day was the crowds. Unfortunately Mr Tumble (my daughters favourite!) had to cancel his performance due to overcrowding (a police officer told me) You could see the disappointment in all the children’s faces when they found out. Peppa Pig’s meet and greet also had to he cancelled due to a separate incident (police said it was now a crime scene 😮) which makes me think about how safe the parade is!

The day ended with a very short fireworks display but it was nice to see along with all the Christmas lights on Regents street.

I would love to go again next year but maybe without a buggy as if I’m honest, it’s not buggy friendly at all! You’ll have people that have no respect for your child and try to walk over them. Definitely not the place to be if you’re claustrophobic or have a bad temper lol.

What would I change?

I’d make it a ticketed event (maybe £20-£30) You get to meet loads of characters if the crowds are controlled properly so it would definitely be worth the money.

Overall, despite some hiccups it was a great but freezing day out! Let’s see what next year has to offer… 🙂

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Mum of 1 trying to make both our lives as fun as possible :)

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