Baby Ballet

I always say whenever you start looking for classes for your child, make sure they offer some sort of free trial so you can check out whether or not they’re going to enjoy it and whether or not you’re going to enjoy it. You most likely have to commit to a term so you don’t want to pay all that money just to then later on hate it.

I’ll tell you about what I did and how I found the perfect baby ballet class.

I’m all about the arts and I want to push my daughter into everything artistic. If she turns around in the future and tells me she doesn’t like it then fair enough but I want to know I at least tried. I think we not only have to push out children academically but also creatively.

Where to find Baby ballet classes?

  • Word of mouth. Get talking to other mums. They can share their experiences with you.
  • Google – everyone’s best friend
  • Library/children’s centres – they usually have plenty of leaflets. I’m sure you’re bound to find at least one baby ballet class.
  • Local magazine. If you haven’t heard of the “Families” magazine then you’re truly missing out. It has so much info in it regarding children. From nursery/ school opening days to free events to any ballet classes. Again you can get these from your local library or children’s centre

What age can my baby start?

Most of the classes I have seen start from 18 months but each company differs. It just requires some research. These classes are also mum and baby classes so expect to do as much ballet as your child lol.

What should my baby wear?

Some companies require you to buy their ballet attire directly from them. If they don’t you can try eBay or aliexpress (most likely cheaper than ballet stores) sometimes they also require ballet shoes too but at this small age they tend to be happy with just bare feet. Make sure whatever you wear is lose and comfortable as you’ll be dancing along too.

The company I found first was Ballet Babes

I found the leaflet at my local library and decided to go for a free trial. My little girl didn’t enjoy it for some reason. I couldn’t quite figure out why as I thought it was a good class but I decided not to sign her up there

The second company I found was Baby Ballet

A friend recommended this ballet class to me and I’m so glad she did as me and my little girl loved it.

The class was 35 minutes which I think is more than enough for a toddler and it was jam-packed with lots of games, songs and of course ballet dancing.

Now I know before I mentioned you should always try a free trial, but with this company you have to pay for your trial. 3 classes for £15 to be exact which isn’t really bad and you don’t have to commit which is good.

Here’s what Demice thought of the class. She brings her little girl to ballet classes in Liverpool.

After wanting to find an exciting activity that both me and my Daughter could enjoy, I came across baby ballet and was shocked that there where so many locations for me to choose from. My tiny dancer has just finished her 3 week trial and has enjoyed every second and will enrol fully next week. The teacher is great and her social interaction has improved wonderfully being around so many other little ballerinas. Im even considering booking Baby Ballet for her 2nd birthday party! I would recommend this class to everyone, the little ones love it and its also a work out for Mums too.

Have a look on their site to see if there are any classes near you and how much they charge. I would definitely recommend it too!

We’re prepared for next weeks class 🙂

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