Portugal 🇵🇹

So when booking this holiday at the time I had no idea that Madeira is a completely separate island from mainland Portugal (need to step up my geography knowledge lol) but I was still excited to go!

If you have read my previous holiday posts you will know that I only fly with Thomson. I think there the best and definitely value for money.

Th flight from London Gatwick to as 3hrs & 45 mins. It wasn’t too bad as I did all the things in my previous Menorca post ( waking my daughter up early and letting her play in the soft play at Gatwick tiring her out for the plane journey) I would always suggest early flights with young ones. The earliest you can get just so they can sleep on the plane.

So let’s talk Madeira. What a beautiful country.

What I didn’t realise was how hilly it is😳 everything is on a bloody hill lol.

In all fairness I should’ve done more research but I don’t think that would’ve stopped me from going. Portugal has been on my travel list for a while now.

I wouldn’t suggest going on your own with a child and I would definitely make sure all the breaks on your buggy are completely working and are safe!!!

We stayed at the hotel Dorisol Bunganvilla. It was an ok hotel but I can’t complain it has all the things I needed and was a short drive from the airport. Nothing I hate more than long transfers!

It’s such a beautiful country. The views are breathtaking.

There are banana trees everywhere you turn and lizards too! If you’re not a fan, they tend to keep their distance but they’re tiny and harmless. My daughter got up close and personal with one as she tried to feed it apple juice 😂

There’s so many things for kids to do. My daughter took a car ride in a toddler sized BMW lol it was as much fun for me as it was for her because I got to control it with a remote lol. €5 for 10 minutes.

Then there was the massive lido. Three different pools. It was so much fun and very cheap. €5 for adults and kids under 11 go free.

We travelled to another part of the island to a nice sandy beach that also had a playground. Best thing about it was the fact it had no waves because of the breakwater so it made it just that tiny bit more safe for the little ones.

You can get on a boat ride and see dolphins and whales. Fun for all the family! €35 including a transfer from your hotel to the Marina. Under 4s are free 🙂

You can take a city sightseeing bus ride around parts of the island. €15 and you can use the ticket for 2 days. Only annoying thing is that the bus only goes 1 way so you’re more than welcome to hop on and off but you have to take the bus to every stop before it reaches back around to your destination.

My top tips

  • It’s common sense to bring sunscreen. Just make sure you have the highest spf you can get.
  • Insect repellent!!! Over here I was bitten like crazy luckily my little girl wasn’t but make sure it’s in your suitcase.
  • Again with the buggy make sure you have one with breaks that work. Like I said there are endless amounts of hills over there and you don’t want any accidents

I would definitely go again. I can officially say Portugal is definitely in my top 5 of countries I have visited 🙂

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