Mother and daughter photoshoot 

So we got this great deal on wowcher for a mother and daughter photoshoot. I thought it would be nice to have some photos of us not taken off an iPhone with a Snapchat filter lol. So the price was £14 which I thought was decent but then wowcher gave me an extra £5 off seeing as I was a new customer so the whole thing was £9. Can’t complain! 

Now with the price being that good I was a bit skeptical about the quality of the photos but I was pleasantly surprised. Below I’ll post a screenshot of what packaged and I picked and everything that came with it. We were told to bring 3 outfits to change into and I would get my make up done there.

This is where the photoshoot and makeover took place in central London. Luckily we booked it for a Sunday so I didn’t have to pay congestion charge or the ridiculous prices you have to pay for parking in that area. If you’re going to book a photoshoot then I suggest you do the same.

It was very nice inside and the staff were friendly and accommodating. The make up artist was very nice and chatty and so was the photographer. 

So if you’re going to do a few outfit changes then make sure you bring lunch with you. We only done two lol. A photoshoot with an active toddler is not easy at all! But we got some lovely photos.

The catch!

Out of all the lovely photos we took I could only pick one and get two of that one printed. I was slightly disappointed as there was such a beautiful photo of my little girl by herself that I really wanted to keep. 

I was offered that photo too for £50 for a 6×4 print which I politely delcined. As beautiful as the photo was, I was not willing to pay that much for such a small photo. So we picked our mother and daughter photo and we are now awaiting its arrival in the post.

I was told this should take around 1-2 weeks.

So how does wowcher work?

You see what kind of photoshoot you would like then you but it as a discounted price. Wowcher will give you a wowcher code and the details of the photography company for you to contact and book an appointment.

You will mostly likely have to pay a refundable deposit. I paid £30 for mine and got it back a few days after the photoshoot.

Once you’re there you need to give your wowcher code to them and then the photoshoot (or make-up session) begins. 

Overall it was a nice short day out lol and I would definitely recommend doing it. If you have a look on the wowcher website you can find other places that do the same too. You might even find one close to home 🙂

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